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2012 Art Summary Meme by Aisuki-Chan 2012 Art Summary Meme by Aisuki-Chan
Jan: I actually found this lurking in the depths of my folder, it was for an art trade between me and :iconkrymsontear:, which if you see this xD remind me to send it your way even though its terribly outdated. (Perhaps I should just draw a new one? xD)
Feb: Valentines Day, not much to say~
March: Hmm, something that just came to me, I wanted to focus on more clothing details (folds and stuff?) I was going for a soft look.
April: A gift for a friend, I think it could look better to be honest
May: By this time of the year I was crunching for AX in July so that's a button design for selling :3
June: I was still swamped and busy but I did one of those random generator things where you put your name and something comes up. I couldn't pass up the fact that my magical girl form would be a the form of a Knight with a table for a weapon xD
July: Post-AX, I found a music video ive been searching for for two years and I had to do some fanart for it.
August: Full Moon mood, I reread all the mangas and I still deeply love this series :)
Sept: In school now so not much time to draw, This was part of a thank you comic for my absolutely wonderful friends who sent me the most thoughtful birthday gift.
Oct: Halloween!
November: I went to go watch Wreck-it Ralph. I adooored the Paperman short <3
December: Korra fanart for Anime Los Angeles c:

Overall this year I feel like I've improved a whole lot and I'm really really happy! x) I hope I can continue to improve like I am now! I'm trying alot of different things and I really think its helping. Thank you for all my watchers who have been keeping up with me. I wish you all have a wonderful new year!
yukiXshelly Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely see a lot of improvement! Keep perfecting your style June and keep working hard on your dreams!!! Can't wait to see what you'll make next year!!!
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